Emerging Leaders


The Emerging Aboriginal Leaders Program is a 10-week program designed to improve educational outcomes by strengthening cultural identity, self-development, financial literacy and connection to culture and community.

The program is complimentary to current and future studies and assists Participants with envisioning what their future could look like, and how they could benefit the wider community.

As a result of completing the Emerging Aboriginal Leaders Program, participants will:

  • Be better equipped with leadership tools and practical experience
  • Develop new competencies and an increased sense of confidence in their capacity to contribute to, and advocate for the community
  • Recognise the benefits of participation and leadership within the Aboriginal community
  • Increase their self confidence
  • Form strong connections and continue to network with each other in their own community environments
  • Identify their talents and passions and how they can work to make a difference in the community
  • Find strength in their cultural connection.


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