Western Australian Aboriginal Leadership Institute

INSPIRING Aboriginal leaders of today and tomorrow

INSPIRING Aboriginal leaders of today and tomorrow

INSPIRING Aboriginal leaders of today and tomorrowINSPIRING Aboriginal leaders of today and tomorrow


Danielle Cameron - 2018

The Yorga Djenna Bidi program is a unique Leadership opportunity that takes you on a journey.  It celebrates each individuals strengths, incorporates our culture, while acknowledging the different roles that each of us walk in daily whether it be work, home or in the community.  


Each module builds on the next and while completing the course work we are guided by our elders storylines and exposed to other strong extraordinary women in the community.  The modules are relatable, appropriate and culturally appropriate.

With this unique mix and small working groups it helps create a safe space that nurtures growth, allows each participant to become aware of how we can stand in our anticipated best self, how we are able to connect to our values, limit distractions from our goal settings and navigate our shadow behaviour.

Since completing the program I have seen a huge change in how I see myself, It has given me strength and access to a supportive network of strong Yorga’s who have become like an extended family. I have been able to create an event that offered a lot of healing to my family story line and many others while helping others in the community. 

As Aunty Robyn says: 

Spread your wings 'kwopertok yorgas'  and continue to make incredible magic wherever you go...

I believe that’s what Yorga Djenna Bidi program does, it helps us unleash our hidden magic and helps us see our full potential. 

Mikayla King - 2016

 In 2016, I completed the pilot Yorga Djenna Bidi. This program has been extremely influential in my life and has developed my personal and professional capacity. On a professional basis, I was in a position to expand my network, identify my personal strengths, refinedmy leadership skills which has resulted in starting a small business, completing a Bachelor of Education and contributing to the field of education in a range of ways. 

On a personal level, I learnt how to efficiently and critically self-reflect in a way that allows me to make changes and adapt behaviours when required. Self-reflecting is key to success in all areas of life including both personal and professional. 

Years later, I think back to the key messages that were communicated through the program such as reflection, goal setting and nurturing relationships.

Marlia Fatnowna - 2016

I participated in the Yorga Djenna Bidi program in 2016. To say it had an impact on my life is an understatement. When I applied, I had changed my career path from journalism and was trying to work out where to next. 

Throughout the Yorga Djenna Bidi experience, I learnt invaluable skills about the workplace, how to navigate conflict and how to get the best out of my strengths and work to develop my weaknesses. However, the most valuable thing I learnt was the courage to take chances on things I was passionate about, even if it wasn't my original plan. 

During the program I applied for a position with the Western Australian Museum, working in Learning and Creativity. I successfully gained the position and have never looked back. 

The unconditional support and leadership I received from the amazing women in the program was life changing. At the graduation I felt so strong, all of us so proud to be Aboriginal women 

Sarah Bellottie - 2018

Yamaji/Malgana/Nhanda woman from Shark Bay.


The Yorga Djenna Bidi Program is an amazing opportunity to meet and grow together as young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. This program has not only given men tangible leadership and business life skills, but a whole new family of inspiring women for me to connect and grow with. 

The experiences and learning facilitated, by this program are both a true testament to the hard work by Aunty Robyn and Rishelle to create and nurture such a warm and safe environment. I have gained so much from this program and from my new group of sisters, something that I will be forever grateful for. 

Shelley Cable - 2016

What I found most useful in the Yorga Djenna Bidi course was learning about my unconscious motivators. While it was confronting to realise what drove me - achievement and success - over the rest of the course I learnt how to use this to drive myself to create more change. 

Since completing the course, I was invited to attend the United Nations and had the confidence to present on the world stage, standing up for the rights of Indigenous peoples, and particularly women. 

I also now act as a mentor to other Indigenous young people through a mentoring program I created, and strive to share what I learned in Yorga Djenna Bidi because I know how much it can help.

Completing a course designed by my Noongar Elders was a privilege and  I can’t wait for others to experience the magic it creates within a room of Indigenous women. 

Jodey Brockhurst - 2018

The Yorga Djenna Bidi program taught me valuable lessons in a culturally sensitive and safe environment. All the sessions were thoughtfully delivered by experienced and inspiring role-models. During the course we had the opportunity to practice our new skills and received guidance with real-life scenarios. 

Beyond the program the participants are a continuing source of strength and encouragement to each other. The most powerful thing I learnt was how to identify my personal values and understand how they influences the way I think. I now use this new awareness every-day to improve my personal and professional decision making. When faced with challenging and stressful situations, I’m much calmer as I feel empowered with strong skills and a stable support network. 

Since the program, I gave my first public speaking engagement. This is something I could not have achieved without the incredible Yorga Djenna Bidi program.

Kristina Clark - 2016

Yorga Djenna Bidi was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. YDB gave me the tools and knowledge to be the best leader I can be. I learned so much about myself including how to capitalise on my best leadership qualities. I also learned how to deal with my less desirable qualities, so I can be the best possible version of myself. I got to hear about many different leadership journeys from some very inspirational women. I also enjoyed getting to know and work alongside many other strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, and I will cherish my experience in this course for the rest of my life.